School Song (Illinois Loyalty)
We're Loyal to you Harlo High,
To your colors we're true Harlo High,
we'll back you to stand, you're the best in the land,
for we know you are true Harlo High
Rah! Rah!
Go crushing ahead Harlo High,
Do all we have said Harlo High,
Our team is the fair protector,
on team we expect a victory from you Harlo High
Rah! Rah1
Let's WIN!

Activity Ticket Prices:
Student Activity Tickets are $50 (required for all participants in athletics, band, and pep club members).  This pass will admit student to most athletic events and assemblies.

Participation Fees:

High school students have a fee of $30 per activity with a maximum cap of $75 per student.  Junior high and elementary students will have a $25 per activity fee charged for all activities with a maximum cap of $65 per student for junior high and a maximum cap of &60 per student for elementary.

Adult Booster Tickets:  

$65.00 under age 65.  Cost for adults age 65 or older is $50.