In the event of inclement weather, out of town bus students should contact the High School 632-4324 or Hillcrest 632-4361 for information.


COVID-19 Update Monday 9/28

We will be distance learning the remainder of the week. Schools will be open from 12-1:30 Tuesday for students to pick up their materials. Hillcrest students will have packets to work on, 7-12 students need to have their Chromebook and other materials for your classes. 7-12 students need to check in with their teachers each day and check their emails for a required list of materials!

Please stay home and do not spend time around those outside of your family this week. The sooner we can isolate cases and conduct contact tracing, the sooner we can get back to school. This depends on distancing from each other this week and following guidelines.

We appreciate your support of us and the students at this time. Please call the school with any questions or concerns.

Activity Tickets

Harlowton schools will sell activity tickets starting Wednesday, September 2nd. Prices will be same as usual. However you buy at your own risk. There will be NO refunds if season is cut short and they WILL NOT guarantee a person into the game if seating is limited. Also every student will have to pay to get into events if they do not have an activity ticket.

Harlowton Public Schools 2020 Athletic Guidelines

Harlo Theater



Working together for our students, we will seek to provide the best environment that maximizes their abilities and potential as lifelong learners. In a spirit of cooperation and trust, individuals will work toward common goals that benefit all students enrolled in School District Sixteen. We promote partnerships among students, teachers, parents and community in an atmosphere of excellence where people are valued, learning is essential and differences respected. We will endeavor to offer an educational environment that challenges and educates students to their fullest potential and help them become responsible, productive citizens.

Hillcrest: 406-632-4361

Hillcrest Fax: 406-632-4744

High School: 406-632-4324

HS Fax: 406-632-4416

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