XC Boys at the Starting Line

WGV Gazette

What a Season for First-year Cross Country Team!!
Have you seen those athletes out running all about Harlowton in the wee morning hours these past several months? It’s the kind of activity those who follow high school sports would expect in the spring when track season is in full bloom.
For many, it is hard to fathom why – with winter knocking on the door, or at least a couple torrential rains battering us off and on -- these athletes would want to get up in the morning and take off running for miles, all so they can be ready to spend many Saturdays running even longer distances.
Are they training for track some five or so months ahead? The answer is no, nope, nada.

Pretty amazing to my mind that in the first year of the sport, all of those who came out will be representing HRE at States -- against the best runners from schools that have been fielding cross country teams for years.
Here is the roll call of State qualifiers:
--Savanna Miller
--Elias Kitts
--Diego Perkins
--Cadence Cameron
--Samantha Fenley
--Michael Willis
--Rom Hiner
Samantha also shines on the volleyball court, and Rom and Michael smack heads in the afternoon during football practice. Reminder, this is after they have run miles over hill and dale as a little wake up every morning.
Rom and Michael have quite often suited up in pads and helmets on a Friday night, and followed on Saturday with a cross country meet as key members of their groundbreaking -- and ground-covering -- team.
Last Friday, Michael snagged two TD passes in a downpour to help the football team get its first victory over West Yellowstone. Then, with a good night of sleep under his belt, he headed south on Saturday and took off in downpour #2 at a cross country meet in Big Timber – where jokes were aplenty about crossing the finish line doing the backstroke, or using a well-timed breast stroke to pass a competitor.
Whatever it takes. That is a good way to view this impressive group.
Next up is a 10 a.m. meet in Park City tomorrow (10/8), where the weather is expected to be more favorable to a good long run, rather than a 100-meter freestyle swim.
-Reported by Dan Edwards, Editor/Reporter for WGV Gazette.